Herbal Remedies


Sydney Natural Health Clinic was founded in 2021. We are striving to be the primary clinic servicing the upcoming Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

About Lauretta Schembri (BHSc Nat.)

"I have had a long fascination since a young age with how things work, why things are the way they are, and the human body and mind. I was drawn to studying naturopathy from the multiple chronic health conditions my doctor and other physicians informed me of in my early teens. This was an overwhelming time for my family and myself, as I was almost constantly turbulent. Thankfully, my mother researched the various medications I was given prescriptions for and found alternatives - as well as frightening side-effects to them. Though I respected, acknowledged, and considered the Western medical options, I saw counsellors, a psychologist, a chiropractor, and naturopaths to help me bring balance to my life. Now in my early twenties, I feel able to manage all that life brings, and maintain a healthy mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle. I am grateful for the dark experiences of my health, for they have made me appreciate and recognise the light I have now."

"I feel a duty to share my knowledge and experience with the health of myself and my family, to my community. My role as a naturopath is to provide a gentle, safe, and comforting space for my clients, and to work together with them to uncover the underlying factors of their illness, and take into consideration every aspect of their life. Through this, a unique and individualised treatment plan can be made that is achievable and manageable for everyone. My model of healthcare is to treat the person, not just manage their disease."

Lauretta has a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy from Torrens University Australia (formerly ACNT)