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In-clinic consultations available Thursdays & Fridays.
Discounts available for pensioners and students.

Services available

See above for our full list of our services. If this is your first time making an appointment with us, select an Initial Consultation appointment.


The services provided by Sydney Natural Health Clinic are naturopathic consultations - each person will have an initial consultation first, then follow-up and/or acute consultations. You are welcome to book a free 15 minute discovery call to see how naturopathy can benefit you.

Your naturopathy consultation:

Lauretta works closely and thoroughly with each client, deeply exploring the underlying aspects within your body and lifestyle to uncover the root causes of health and well-being issues. She is also passionate about educating her clients about their health in an understanding and inspiring way.

From there, a unique naturopathic healthcare plan is created for you, to help you foster a healthier, happier, and more vibrant body and life. Lauretta utilises clinical nutrition, evidence-based herbal medicine, and lifestyle guidance. Read more about what your consultation here.

Functional pathology testing

Sydney Natural Health Clinic offers a variety of tests available with an initial consultation booking, at an additional cost. Please see here for the full list of tests available.


Pensioners and students saving: Save 10% off of your consult costs. Refer a friend and you both receive 10% off your first/next prescription.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment with Sydney Natural Health Clinic, we set that time and naturopath aside just for you. From January 1 2022, Sydney Natural Health Clinic will be charging a $50.00 Booking Deposit for all clients at their discretion.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or simply do not attend your appointment, it impacts us significantly and inconveniences the other clients that may have been turned away because we were fully booked.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or re-schedule you appointment.

Please be aware that if you are unable to attend your face-to-face appointment at the clinic (due to illness or other reasons), you are welcome to have an online Telehealth appointment during the same day and time.

The $50.00 Booking Deposit is non-refundable. This means if you cancel or reschedule your appointment with more than 24 hours notice, we can allocate your Booking Deposit to another appointment date and time, however, we are unable to refund it.

In order to secure your appointment, we require a $50 deposit to be paid at the time of booking. This $50 is credited towards the cost of your appointment.

The deposit may be paid by credit card over the phone, or an electronic bank transfer with a receipt sent to us, and is held against your booking as a credit towards that appointment.

  • If a cancellation is made with more than 24 hours notice, the deposit is forwarded to the new appointment time.

  • If a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, the deposit is forfeited as a late cancellation fee.

  • If you simply do not attend a booked appointment, the deposit is forfeited as a no-show fee. Depending on the circumstances, Sydney Natural Health Clinic reserves the right to charge up-front in-full for booking your future appointment.

  • Clients who provide less than 24 hours notice are welcome to send someone else in their place to have the booked service to avoid losing their deposit.

We will in-turn reduce your appointment cost by $50 if we need to reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice (due to staff illness etc) – it’s only fair that we do for you what we ask you to do for us! If in the instance a staff member cannot see you face-to-face, an online consultation will be offered during the same time, or another appointment time can be organised.

We hope that you understand and respect our deposit and cancellation policy.

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