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Functional Pathology Testing

At Sydney Natural Health Clinic, we can provide you with a variety of functional pathology tests. The benefit of such testing is that they offer a greater insight into your health and to help us to provide you with more targeted care.

Frequently Asked Questions about functional pathology testing:

Common Tests:
Food sensitivity testing:
This test provides insight into the possible underlying causes of digestive discomfort and other allergy-like symptoms.

All Tests:

1  9

4-Pillar Gut Profile(Test Code 2208)

A  K

AA:EPA Ratio (Red Cell) Blood EDTA(Test Code 5002)

AA:EPA Ratio Blood Spot (finger prick)(Test Code 5001)

ACTH-EDTA Plasma(Test Code 3405)

Adrenal Dried Urine Profile(Test Code 1507)

Adrenocortex Stress & Male Basic(Test Code 1011)

Adrenocortex Stress Profile & Female Hormone Profile Basic- Saliva(Test Code 1010)

Adrenocortex Stress Profile Basic(Test Code 1001)

Adrenocortex Stress Profile Extensive- Saliva(Test Code 1002)

Advanced Dried Urine Hormone Profile(Test Code 1501)

Advanced Methylation(Test Code 8009)

Aldosterone/Renin(Test Code 1101)

Allergy Panels – 144 Super Food Panel- IgG(Test Code 3218)

Allergy Panels – IgA- Asian Foods(Test Code 3198)

Allergy Panels – IgA- General Foods(Test Code 3197)

Allergy Panels – IgA- Vegetarian Foods(Test Code 3200)

Allergy Panels – IgE 15 Moulds Blood SST(Test Code 3203)

Allergy Panels – IgE- General Foods Blood SST(Test Code 3202)

Allergy Panels – IgE- Inhalants(Test Code 3208)

Allergy Panels – IgG- Asian Foods(Test Code 3205)

Allergy Panels – IgG- General Foods(Test Code 3206)

Allergy Panels – IgG- Vegetarian(Test Code 3209)

Allergy Panels -144 Super Food Panel- IgA(Test Code 3219)

Allergy Panels -208 Complete Food Panel- IgA(Test Code 3222)

Allergy Panels -208 Complete Food Panel- IgG(Test Code 3221)

Alpha Feto Protein Blood- SST(Test Code 6106)

Amino Acids – 24 Hour Urine(Test Code 5004)

Ammonia –EDTA PLASMA(Test Code 5109)

Anaemia Screen(Test Code 1024)

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)(Test Code 1000)

Anti-Nuclear Factor-Blood SST(Test Code 6101)

APO E- Genotype(Test Code 3408)

Autoimmune Assessment-Basic(Test Code 3429)

B-Vitamin Profile(Test Code 5031)

Blood Group-Blood EDTA(Test Code 6001)

CA-125-Blood SST(Test Code 6108)

CA15-3-Blood SST(Test Code 6109)

CA19-9-Blood SST(Test Code 6110)

Calprotectin (Faecal)Test Code 2001

Candida Antibodies/Antigen (serum)Test Code 3002

Candida Antibodies/Antigen(Test Code 3001 or 3002)

Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA) -Blood SST(Test Code 6107)

CardioION Profile -Urine & Blood(Test Code 4047)

Cardiovascular Profile – Comprehensive 2 – Blood(Test Code 4027)

Cardiovascular Profile Comprehensive- Blood(Test Code: 4001)

CDSA Level 1 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2003)

CDSA Level 2 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2004)

CDSA Level 3 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2005)

CDSA Level 3+ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2006)

CDSA Level 4 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2007)

CDSA Level 4+ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2008)

CDSA Level 5 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis- Stool(Test Code 2009)

Clostridium difficile(Test Code 2017)

Coeliac Profile – Blood SST(Test Code 2022)

Complete Microbiome Mapping(Test Code 2206)

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile(Test Code 1023)

Copper, Ceruloplasmin & Zinc(Test Code 5033)

Cortisol Awakening Response Profile (CAR)- Saliva(Test Code 1012)

Cortisol Profile-Saliva(Test Code 1003)

Cytokine Panel Blood SST-(Test Code 4004)

Diabetes Profile(Test Code 1016)

Double Stranded DNA Blood-SST(Test Code 6102)

Drinking Water Minerals & Metals code-Water(Test Code 5036)

Electrolytes (UEC)-Blood SST(Test Code 6003)

Enteric Viral Pathogens Profile – Stool(Test Code 2026)

Essential Fatty Acids (Red Cell) – Blood EDTA(Test Code 5011)

Essential Mineral & Heavy Metal Analysis- Spot Urine(Test Code 5021)

Essential Mineral Analysis – Spot Urine(Test Code 5019)

Essential Thyroid Microsample(Test Code 1407)

Estrogen Elite Profile Dried Urine Hormone Profile(Test Code 1505)

Estrogen Essential Profile Dried Urine Hormone Profile(Test Code 1506)

Estrogen Metabolites Level 1 -24 Hour Urine(Test Code 1207)

Estrogen Metabolites Level 2-24 Hour Urine(Test Code 1208)

Estrogen Metabolites Level 1- Spot Urine(Test Code 1307)

Estrogen Metabolites Level 2- Spot Urine(Test Code 1308)

Estrogen Metabolites Level 3-24 Hour Urine(Test Code 1209)

Extensive Neurotransmitters Profile- Urine(Test Code 4026)

Extractable Nuclear Factor ENA -Blood SST(Test Code 6103)

Faecal Minerals and Metals(Test Code 5034)

Faecal Multiplex DNA PCR -Stool(Test Code 2002)

Faecal Occult Blood-Stool(Test Code 2020)

Fat Soluble Vitamin Profile – Blood(Test Code 4042)

Female Cycle (28 Day) Hormone profile- Saliva(Test Code 1004)

Female Fertility Profile(Test Code 1014)

Female Hormone Profile Basic- Saliva(Test Code 1005)

Female Hormone Profile Blood- SST(Test Code 1104)

Female Hormone Profile Extensive- Saliva(Test Code 1006)

Folate Metabolism Profile -Dry Ice(Test Code 5102)

Full Blood Examination (FBE)-Blood EDTA(Test Code 6002)

G6PD(Test Code 5039)

GI Effects Comprehensive – Stool(Test Code 2200)

GI Effects Microbial Ecology – Stool(Test Code 2205)

Gluten Sensitivity Genetic Test(Test Code 2019)

Growth Hormone-SST Serum(Test Code 1118)

Haemochromatosis(Test Code 6000)

Hair Mineral Analysis Level 1- Hair(Test Code 5013)

Hair Mineral Analysis Level 2- Hair(Test Code 5014)

HbA1c Blood -FLOX(Test Code 6006)

HbA1c Microsample(Test Code 1411)

HDL Subfraction- Blood SST(Test Code 4030)

Heavy Metal Analysis- 24 Hour Urine(Test Code 5020)

Heavy Metal Analysis- Spot Urine (Test Code 5020)

Helicobacter pylori Antigen (H.Pylori) – Stool(Test Code 2010)

Hidden Food Intolerance Tests – Blood NaCit ALCAT(Test Codes: 3301 to 3319, allergy, allergies)

Histamine Metabolism Profile(Test Code 4006)

HLA DQ/DR Genetic Studies(Test Code 3401)

Homocysteine – Blood HCY(Test Code 4007)

IgA Total(Test Code 1020)

IgE & IgG General Western Food Panel(Test Code 3211)

IgE Total(Test Code 1019)

IGF1 & IGF-BP3 Blood SST(Test Code 1107)

IgG & IgA General Western Food Panel(Test Code 3217)

Inflammation Profile(Test Code 1022)

Insulin Resistance Index – Blood SST and FlOx(Test Code 1109)

Intestinal Permeability – 6 Hour Urine(Test Code 2011)

Iodine Loading Test Challenge Test(Test Code 5015)

Iodine Random- Spot Urine(Test Code 5016)

ION Profile – Blood(Test Code 4046)

Iron Studies Blood SST(Test Code 6009)

Kryptopyrrole Urine Test-Dry Ice(Test Code 4011)

L  P

Lipid Profile -Blood SST(Test Code 6005)

Lipid Profile Microsample(Test Code 1408)

Lipoprotein (a) Blood SST(Test Code 4009)

Liposcreen LDL-Subfractions Blood SST(Test Code 4028)

Liver Function Test (LFT)-Blood SST(Test Code 6004)

M.C.A.S(Test Code 3409-3411)

M2 Pyruvate Kinase (M2-PK) – Stool(Test Code 2012)

Male Hormone Profile Basic- Saliva(Test Code 1007)

Male Hormone Profile Basic-Blood SST(Test Code 1110)

Male Hormone Profile Extensive- Saliva(Test Code 1008)

MARCoNS Swab(Test Code 3404)

Methionine Metabolism Profile -Dry Ice(Test Code 5103)

Methylation Profile – Dry Ice(Test Code 5101)

Microbiome Review Profile(Test Code 2207)

MTHFR Gene Mutation – Blood EDTA(Test Code 5018)

MTHFR-Buccal Swab(Test Code 5018)

MTHFR-Microsample(Test Code 5018)

My Comprehensive Wellness Profile(Test Code 8011)

Mycotoxin Exposure Extensive – Urine(Test Code 3419)

Mycotoxin Exposure Urine (Test Code 3413 Initial)&(Test Code 3414 Review)

Nagalase-Blood EDTA Plasma(Test Code 7011)

Neurotransmitters-Advanced(Test Code 4036)

Neurotransmitters-Intermediate(Test Code 4035)

Omega 3 Index (Red Cell) – Blood Spot(Test Code 5029)

Organic Acids Metabolomic Mapping(Test Code 4041)

Organic Acids- Environmental Pollutant Panel(Test Code 4014)

Organic Acids- Metabolic and Environmental Pollutant Panel(Test Code 4017)

Organic Acids-Metabolic Profile(Test Code 4016)

Osteoporosis Markers (N-Telopeptides)- 24 Hour Urine(Test Code 1218)

Osteoporosis Markers (N-Telopeptides)- Spot Urine(Test Code 1318)

Oxalate –Spot Urine or 24 Hour Urine(Test Code 4025)

Oxidised LDL- Blood SST(Test Code 4029)

Pancreatic Elastase 1 – Stool(Test Code 2014)

Pancreatitis Screen(Test Code 1017)

Parathyroid Hormone(Test Code 1015)

Pfeiffer Profile Basic – Blood(Test Code 3415)

Pfeiffer Profile Extensive – Blood(Test Code: 3416)

Pharmacogenomic DNA Assessments(Test Code 8012-8015)

Porphyrins-Spot Urine(Test Code 4024)

Post Chelation Metals Challenge 24 Hour Urine(Test Code 5024)

Pre-Chelation Metals Challenge Spot Urine(Test Code 5022)

Pregnenolone Blood-SST(Test Code 1116)

PSA Microsample(Test Code 1413)

Q  Z

Red Cell or Whole Blood Metals- Blood NaHeparin(Test Code 5026)

Red Cell or Whole Blood Minerals-Blood NaHeparin(Test Code 5027)

Reverse T3 Blood-SST(Test Code 1112)

RGCC Analyses

Rheumatoid Factor (RF)-Blood SST(Test Code 6104)

S.I.B.O- Breath Test(Test Code 2025)

Saliva Metals(Test Code 5035)

Secretory IgA – Faecal(Test Code 2024)

Secretory IgA – Saliva(Test Code 3007)

Sleep Balance Profile- Dried Urine(Test Code 1510)

Sleep Profile Extensive(Test Code 1013)

Sleep Profile- Saliva(Test Code 1009)

Thyroid Antibodies-Blood SST(Test Code 6105)

Thyroid Profile Basic Blood-SST(Test Code 1113)

Thyroid Profile Extensive Blood-SST(Test Code 1114)

Total Immunoglobulins(Test Code 1021)

Transglutaminase IgA – Stool(Test Code 2016)

Urine Elements Profile Dried Urine(Test Code 1509)

Urine Mercury –Spot Urine or 24 Hour(Test Code 5032)

Vaginal Microbiome Profile(Test Code 2031)

Vitamin B12 & Folate(Test Code 6013)

Vitamin D (LCMS)(Test Code 1117)

Vitamin D Blood-SST(Test Code 1115)

Vitamin K Assay- Blood(Test Code 4043)

Zonulin- Faecal(Test Code 2023)

Citrus Fruits

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